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Healthcare professionals play an important role in keeping us, as well as our community, healthy. It’s also a highly regulated industry. That’s why we remain up to date on any changes in rules or regulations that could affect your business. We also understand that starting-up and running a healthcare professional business can be a financial challenge. Costs including renting/buying space, business taxes, office equipment, salaries, and insurances can be an obstacle for many. We can help you avoid any unnecessary purchases or expenses during start-up. Later, we can guide you as you grow your practice, so you can serve more of our community while not running out of resources.

We service a variation of clients in the healthcare industry:

•Athletic Trainer
•Chiropractic Office
•Massage Therapy
•Medical Office
•Physical Therapy
•Residential Care Facility
•Veterinary Medicine

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Whether you are a small business owner or just starting out, regardless of the industry your in, our professionals can help you save time and money, while growing your business.

Industry News

Doctor Examining Patient

Reprocessing of Medical Devices Has Saved $500 Million for 2018

Hospitals and surgery centers were able to reprocess medical devics that were labeled as only being one-time use and save almost $500 million for 2018. Instruments used on patients are sent to third-party reprocessors to be cleaned, sterilized, and repackaged.

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Horses Grazing

Bill Against Horse Soaring Passes in House of Representatives

Although horse soaring has been illegal since the 1970's there have been legal loopholes horse owners and trainers could use to continue with soaring. This new bill, advocated by the American Veterinary Medical Association, will completely eliminate the pratcie and legal loopholes.

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Dentist Teeth Whitening

Comsetic Dentistry Market Predicted To Reach $32.73 Billion By 2026

The cosmetic dental market in the United States was valued at $18.79 billion for 2018 and is expected to continue rising to reach $32.73 billion by 2026. Some factors of the growth is old age related tooth ailments and dental toursism with high costs being the biggest deterrent of the industry.

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