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Non-profit organizations are the heart of our community, serving many of our neighbors who are in need of their support and services. Federal and state tax codes have specific provisions for non-profits, and require different accounting, records and reporting. Our firm will help your non-profit organization keep accurate financial statements showing your organization’s assets, liabilities, fund-raising activities and lawful use of funds. With tax laws and regulations constantly being changed, our firm ensures you’re up to date with any new changes, so your reporting and tax information is in compliance. Our team will also help you track contributions, grants and any restricted funding for any required reporting purposes.

We service a variety of clients in the non-profits industry:

•Public Charities
•Social Advocacy Organizations
•Professional and Trade Organizations

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Whether you are a small business owner or just starting out, regardless of the industry your in, our professionals can help you save time and money, while growing your business.

Industry News

Breast Cancer Fundraisers Cupcakes

Fundraising Remained Strong for 2018

According to a report from the Nonprofit Research Collaborative, 73 percent of nonprofits had reported that they were able to reach their fundraising goals for 2018, while 63 percent sruveyed had reported they were able to exceed their fundraising goals.

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Budgeting Money With Calculator

Tips On Creating Budgets For Programs

Creating a budget is one of the most important steps in planning for programs. Before any planning can begin, it is crucial to map out how much the program(s) will cost and what resources the organization will be utilizing to fund the program(s), while also deciding whether costs will be direct or indirect.

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Volunteers Holding Signs

How Consumerization Has Both Positive & Negative Effects on Nonprofits

With all the changes in how businesses provide products and services to customers, nonprofits will need to analyze how consumerization will impact their organization. Some impacts of consumerization has been more money and time investment as well as having to provide 24/7 customer service.

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