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Retail & Wholesale

Today, there’s a growing list of new challenges for many small local retailers and wholesalers. In addition to competition from the big box stores, on-line retailers have changed the way consumers purchase everything from groceries to home goods. Margins are shrinking, and consumers are constantly comparing prices to get the best deal. To compete in this market, you have to run a lean and efficient operation. We’ll work with you to track your expenses and make solid recommendations to cut costs and improve margins. We’ll also complete a detailed financial statement for your business in real time, so you will always know where you stand. Additionally, we will assist you with setting up state and local sales tax reporting in your POS system, as well as creating all required revenue and expense tracking and reporting systems.

We service a number of clients in the retail & wholesale industry:

•Discount Wholesale
•Grocery Stores
•General Merchandise Stores
•Jewelry Stores
•Specialty Retail Stores
•General/Merchant Wholesale

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Whether you are a small business owner or just starting out, regardless of the industry your in, our professionals can help you save time and money, while growing your business.

Latest News

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East Providence Providing Emergency Loan Funds

The East Providence Mayor's Office has recently announced that the city will be providing two emergency loan fund programs for small businesses. The loan programs will be offered to small businesses with no payments or interest for the first six months; these are designed to help with short-term financial needs

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Business Owner Calculating Financials

Small Businesses Struggle To Hang On Awaiting Government Loan Relief

Many states have shut down a number of businesses that were deemed "non-essential" and others who remain open are seeing a huge loss in sales. Small businesses are only estimated to have 26 days of cash reserve and they feel they are running out of time waiting on the government for loan relief.

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Group Warns That A Number of MA Small Businesses Won't Survive COVID-19 Shutdowns

The COVID-19 pandemic is especially hitting small businesses hard as many of them are shut down or restricted in the services they can offer. Accoridng to the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, a large number of small businesses may close permanetly due to the shutdowns from Governor Baker.

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